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Back in the Focus world

Discussion in 'Focus ST Meet and Greet' started by sqwirl, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. sqwirl

    sqwirl New Member

    So I finally make it back where I belong... In a Focus. Toyed with a WRX for a bit after my 2005 ST. Then thought I needed to grow up and bought a 2013 Explorer. While buying the Explorer, a Tangerine Scream ST was staring me down. I passed even though I was one of the ones always wishing for the true ST to come to the states. To be truthful, I dumped the WRX partly because of the awful interior but partly due to a girlfriend who hated it. She somehow convinced me I should grow up and buy a civilized car. Long story short, 8 months later we are no longer together and I missed a fun car terribly.

    I went on monday and test drove an ST1 since that was the only one they had where my friend worked. Had them get an ST3 from another dealer and picked it up at lunch. Much, much happier with this car. I'd say it's close to every bit as quick as the WRX was but has a much better power curve for driving around town. The interior of the ST is insanely better than the WRX and even though I'm a little portly, the Recaros are great. Crazy enough, it doesn't feel that much smaller inside than the Explorer. While the Explorer was a nice vehicle, it may have been the most boring transportation ever created. End up paying $27800 out the door for an ST3 that had every option ticked other than the exterior stripes and the cargo management. Had my payment drop by $75 a month and fuel economy should go up at least a couple MPG. Life is good haha.

    Excuse the bad instagram picture. Didn't get anything better as the sun was going down. Feels good to be back to being active in the focaljet community. Had them throw my FJ plate frame on that I've had since my 00 SE Sport.

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  2. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Member

    Welcome back!!! :cool:
  3. maskeet

    maskeet Member

    Welcome back and. Congrats
  4. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Welcome back

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  5. EastAl

    EastAl Member

    Civilized? A WRX isn't civilzed? lol

    What year was your WRX? I had an '09 that I loved. I got rid of her for an ST because of my gf also, but it was all my decision. I hadn't intended on getting rid of the WRX and was actually laying out my goodie list that was literally weeks away from getting ordered, starting with suspension. Personally I prefer the interior of the WRX to the ST, but the ST has my WRX beat hands down with power and handling. Handling would have evened out with the suspension I almost ordered, but power would have cost me a good chunk more.

    Oh yeah, and the ST purchase marks the break of almost a 10 year hiatus from having a Focus. lol
  6. DzowST

    DzowST New Member

    Yeah I'd say the WRX is pretty civilized also being a car that can pretty much drive anywhere. Glad you ditched it for an ST though cause these things are the ish right now.

    to EastAl, I'm also getting back into a focus after about 6 years. My 02 zx3 that I turbo'd myself was stolen the day of my 21st bday. So glad to be back into a Focus after all the years, although my 02 ran a 14.1 and this thing is rated to run a 14.6. Handling is no comparison though, this thing is crazy. I'm up in the mountains every weekend and it's amazing.
  7. SoundoffFocus

    SoundoffFocus New Member

    Welcome back, also. Luckily it was my wife that said to get my ST3.

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