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Do you change your own oil?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Maintenance' started by WRC Fan, Sep 10, 2013.


Do you change your own oil?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. DzowST

    DzowST New Member

    I'm letting the dealer do my first couple because it's free. Afterwards I'll do my own like I always have. Mobil 1 full synthetic with a good ford filter.
  2. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Today I will perform the third oil change on my ST, always with Motorcraft filters but this time using quaker state oil since my father has some left.
  3. Danno

    Danno New Member

    I change my own oil, don't trust dealerships...I think they are all crooks. I use Mobile 1 extended life synthetic (15000 mile rating on this oil) and a Bosch premium oil filter. I change the oil every 7000 miles. I changed the oil right after a 2000 mile break in, and again at 9000 miles. I have 9400 miles on mine and it loves clean oil. I do not drive this car hard. Sometimes a little spirited driving is in order, but 95% of the time it just cruises.
  4. slickrick26

    slickrick26 New Member

    I change my own, Royal Purple oil and Royal Purple Filter, I get it on sale at pep boys $39.99 for 5 quarts and the filter. I change it between every 9000 and 10000 miles.

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