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ESC OFF button issue/system issue

Discussion in 'Focus ST Chat and Discussion' started by saucymuffin, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Has anyone been having issues with their 2013/14 ST Focus ESC OFF switch? I can go into "Sport" mode easily without issue, but when I want to go into "Race" mode (all helpers off) the bar for the Traction Control off shows up and fills up the whole way and then the second bar pops up and fills to about half way before it disappears and the system reactivates. When I press the ESC OFF button again nothing happens unless I turn off the car and start it again.

    Any idea what it is?
  2. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Interesting, might want to take it in and ask the dealer to look at it.

    Maybe the car just thinks it knows what's best for you ;)

  3. mcmmotorsports

    mcmmotorsports New Member

    Mine doesn't turn back on either from "Full Off" mode.
  4. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    No, I'm just dumb and was holding the button down for to long. You should only hold the button down for the first bar to fill up, the second bar is just the "Hey you turned off your traction control" you don't hold your button down for that.
  5. XRJoe

    XRJoe Member

    I did the same with mine the first time I tried to turn it off. Was rather confused.

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