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Focus Mk3 Sub box options. What do you think?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Interior Upgrades' started by CarAudioChris, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. CarAudioChris

    CarAudioChris New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Chris and I am the General Manager with Q Logic Enclosures. We are a car audio enclosure and kick panel manufacturer that has been around for almost 35 years. We are currently talking with the community about different product options that we are capable of producing if there are people interested.

    The popularity of the new Mk3 focus has taken off(had a 2012 and loved it!) and we think there is a market for a factory style sub enclosure similar to the Sony option that come in some of the cars. As some one that has owned the Titanium focus with the sony system it is definitely impressive but I feel lacks some low end.

    We have made this enclosure for the 2000-2007 Focus in the past and we are thinking about something similar for the Mk3(2011-Current) as well.


    A few of my questions are:

    1. What size woofers would you prefer and how many.(IE One 8", two 8", one 10")?

    2. Would you prefer the driver side or passenger side like the factory enclosure?

    3. Would you like an amp rack made for the opposite side?

    If you are all familar with any other options out there for this car please let me know. Our main goal is to be able to listen to the owners of this vehicle and do what they want not necessarily what we think is best.

    I hope to hear more from you soon, and I really appreciate any ideas you could give us.

    Thank you,

    Chris Brinkley
    General Manager
    Q Logic Enclosures / Hooker Audio

  2. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    That's a nice looking piece, I have a stock Audiophile sub in my SVT and love it because it sounds very good and doesn't take away from my cargo space.

    Not a big car audio guy here but I do like quality sound and can appreciate a well designed setup.

  3. CarAudioChris

    CarAudioChris New Member

    Thank you Steve I appreciate it. Our plan is to give that same factory feel but with the option of doing whatever sub you like.

    It is ok that you aren't a car audio guy, I won't hold it against you ;-) lol jking
  4. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Like I said, I do like good sound. My SVT has the factory Audiophile system and just this year I swapped in a Dayton 8" sub in the stock box and it's honestly still the best sounding factory system I've ever experienced. Won't shake the earth but it has plenty of punch and is plenty loud especially for these old ears that suffered years of abuse at heavy metal concerts and working around air tools and loud cars and motorcycles. :)

  5. graham prescott

    graham prescott New Member

    Hi All

    Looking for exactly this. Just for an 8" woofer and carpeted to match. The sub im looking at needs about 0.33 cubic feet of air i believe.

    are you in the UK? is there any chance you will start making these soon? i have just got a 2013 Focus ST and in the process of upgrading the stereo.

    space in a premium though as baby is on the way :)

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