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Ford Racing Focus ST Power Pack Dyno Chart

Discussion in 'Focus ST Engine Upgrades' started by WRC Fan, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    This just in from our friends at Ford Racing Performance Parts. The Focus ST Power Pack is in the final stages of its certification process and should be available soon. The solid Red line represents a 90 ft-lb gain at 2800RPM.

    Best of all, this upgrade will come with a Ford warranty!

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  2. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    BTW, the base kit comes with:

    • Procal
    • Cold air snorkel
    • Cold heat range spark plugs
  3. darkbuddha

    darkbuddha New Member

    Impressive... and about time. Now just to get pricing.
  4. now534

    now534 New Member

    Looks very promising!

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  5. jakebrewer

    jakebrewer Member

    That chart is lacking valuable numbers.
  6. ecoBEAST

    ecoBEAST New Member

    Looks very interesting!
  7. torradan

    torradan New Member

    Wow that looks amazing!

    I'm not sure if I want to see the price on this. I may just end up curled up in the bathtub crying.
  8. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    Hope to know more soon.
  9. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it is. But, this is what I've got so far. And, I don't think any other sites even have this yet.
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  10. Gfxjamie

    Gfxjamie Member

    Better power band, hp peak is about the same but tq does spike really good over stock. Good alternative for those looking at warranty options until they are out of it

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  11. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Torque is king, that's a fact, way more noticeable than peak horsepower in a daily driver.

    Ford Racing does excellent work with their calibrations too so this should be really nice.

  12. MaxSTyle

    MaxSTyle New Member

    If it keeps my warranty, I'm in.
  13. GMTRacing

    GMTRacing New Member

    Looks good. extra hp under the torque peak is good but I already have massive wheel spin in 1st and 2nd (though we're still on snows here and I haven't had it on "drys". Do I fit a Quaife (have one in my 00 zx3 and lots in race cars)? I have a base model ST are there TC upgrades I can look at? I'm new to all this and am used to making my way through the big world myself but advice is welcome.
  14. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Contact Perfect Circle Autosports about the diff, tell him I sent you.
  15. GMTRacing

    GMTRacing New Member

    Thanks, I'll follow up on that.
  16. boostedzx3

    boostedzx3 New Member

    whats the word on this? Has it become available yet?
  17. Macky21

    Macky21 New Member

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