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Have you participated in the EcoBoost Challenge?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Chat and Discussion' started by WRC Fan, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    If so, please give us your feedback here. Both on the event, and the car(s). If you drove both the Fiesta ST and the Focus ST, we would be very interested in your observations between the two.

  2. matchbox

    matchbox New Member

    Nope, I guess Ford country doesn't need one.
  3. XRJoe

    XRJoe Member

    Yup, two years running now, both at the Boston (Foxborough, Gillette Stadium) event.

    Specific to this year, I thought the event was fantastic. Great group of people and they really let you drive the cars as hard as you wanted provided you stayed on course and were safe. Having the SVT guys on hand to bounce questions off was great as was the hourly driver competition.

    I did runs in both cars and having owned the ST for 6 months at that point, I didn't pay much attention to it. I really wanted to compare the FiST to it. The Fiesta really is the new SVT Focus. Similar weight, similar size (the current Mk3 really dwarfs the Mk1) and has the power and torque the SVTF should have had. Interior is great with the same seats as the ST2 ST, although does feel smaller. The center console design I wasn't a fan of and brought down the quality of the car IMO. Similar, but not to the same extent when you hop inside a Neon SRT4 for the first time and look at the console compared to the ACR seats and ask yourself what happened.

    The car drives great. Straight line speed is less than the Focus, but is to be expected with the smaller motor. The lighter weight still lets you bring the car to a stop in a hurry. I wasn't a fan of the twist-beam rear suspension going in, but the car was very agile. It lacks the rotation of the Focus, even in "Sport" mode, but transitions well and flat. I felt more confident trail braking in the Fiesta as the Focus would squirm and fight you to keep the rear behind you. For overall performance, I would prefer a tuned FiST over a bone-stock FoST. The Fiesta had great low-end grunt, but back to back driving left power to be desired after the low-rpm torque hit. The growl from the filter and exhaust are also louder than a stock FoST.

    When it comes to deciding between the two, to me it boils down to size and daily use rather than performance. No one here is buying a Focus or Fiesta for straight line power. If you are, you're going to be disappointed. While both models are the fastest ones we've seen in the US market, it's cornering that really matters. Don't let the twist-beam rear on the Fiesta put you off, it will dance right along side the Focus without issue. The brakes while smaller, still offer similar performance since the Fiesta sheds a good deal of weight off the Focus. You won't be disappointed driving either, especially with a nice FSWerks tune to get the power up. For daily use and size...the Focus is much larger both outside and in. I find while the Focus is larger on the outside compared to the Mk1, it has less cargo room, especially in the hatch with the full-size spare and sub (if equipped). The Fiesta matches well parked next to a Mk1 SVTF, but the interior room is noticeably smaller. To me, that was the deal breaker as I find myself in trouble fitting everything I need into the Focus with a car full of passengers. I never had that problem with my Mk1 ZX3.

    Overall, both are fantastic cars and deciding between the two should come down to what you need from the car in terms of cargo room, passenger comfort, and just plain which looks better. Neither will leave you disappointed when you're off for a spirited drive on the back roads.

    To finish up, video from the 2013 event. The Focus ended up being consistently quicker throughout the day due to how fast the course was. If the course was tightened, the Fiesta would have gained some time.

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  4. Jon96Cobra

    Jon96Cobra New Member

    Yes, I went the past 2 years in Washington D.C. at Fedex Field. After the first time driving the Focus ST I was sold I needed to get rid of my 03 VW GTI 1.8T. The hard part was to convince my wife that it was good for the family. Before I heard about the Focus ST I was looking at getting the Fusion Sport or Platinum. So I took her to the local dealer and showed her the car and she loved it since the kids car seat fit so I ordered a PB ST3. Love driving it. Went to the EcoBoost Challenge again the following year to drive the Fiesta ST and try out the Fusion, Escape and the CMax. Since my friends come to me for advice when looking for a new car I figured I would take advantage of being able to drive some of Fords new offering and to compare the Toyota and Honda cars to Ford was even better. I hope they offer it again and maybe have a Flex as well to compare to some of the larger SUVs.
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  5. jinstall

    jinstall New Member

    No, not an event close by. I have driven both the FST and FiST already.

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