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Keeping her clean... product recommendations?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Detailing' started by Sean G, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Sean G

    Sean G New Member

    Anyone have any recommendations on products for detailing? This is my first nice car in some time (and lets face it, these are sweet rides!), and I'd like to keep her shiny. I need advice on everything from wax to tire shine.
  2. b2j2allen1

    b2j2allen1 New Member

    I recommend using a lambs wool mitt with a grit pad in a rinse bucket to wash it. its takes along time but its huge when your worried about swirl. research different methods about technique. its more important than whats products you use its how you use them. paint sealant is really nice if you can afford it. which products you use can be trial and error always test new products in small out of view areas. personally i like mothers wax, black magic tire gel. meguiars supreme shine for the interior. meguiars 'hot rims' for all wheels and tires as worked really well.
  3. b2j2allen1

    b2j2allen1 New Member

    recommended by ford
    Locate or buy the following car care products before starting this project:

    • For cleaning the interior, you may need: a car vacuum cleaner with brush and crevice attachments, cotton swabs, plastic and vinyl cleaner, cloth cleaner, leather cleaner, spot and stain remover, and microfiber or paper towels
    • For cleaning the exterior, you may need: detailing spray, bug and tar remover, car wash, clay bar, wax, ammonia-free glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, lambswool wash mitt, microfiber drying towels 
and polishing cloths, microfiber or foam wax applicators, large nylon- or natural-bristle brush, small detail brush, wash bucket, water hose, and optional pre-wax cleaner, scratch remover, and
    - See more at:
  4. 16focuST

    16focuST New Member

    Try microfiber mitts and the two bucket method. One for tires and one for the body. If you can afford it, get a foam cannon and a pressure washer. I use an airforce air blaster to dry my car. Get the pressure washer from Harbor Freight and get the 2 year warranty. The foam cannon from auto geek. These is a book you can buy there on how to detail your car. Good buy

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