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New! $250 down to order your Team Dynamics wheels for 2015!

Discussion in 'Vendor Deals' started by PCA-1, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Perfect Circle Autosport kicks off the 2015 spec order season with a deal inked with the UK factory, to offer a $250 non-refundable deposit to place your spec order. In years past, the factory required full payment up front for individual orders. At this time of year, full payment up front was difficult for Team Dynamics enthusiasts and resulted in many not being able to order the wheels they love. No longer!

    While PCA concentrates on the Pro Race line, Team Dynamics has many other wheels to choose from. You can visit pc-autosport for Pro Race wheel information and Rimstock PLC - World leading manufacturer of alloy wheels to check out the rest of the line. All Team Dynamics cast alloy wheels are manufactured in the UK, utilizing the same premium alloy, low pressure cast, heat treated, and shot peen process. Additionally, there are many premium oem finishes available. For more information on Team Dynamics, please check out the 2014 corporate flyer here.

    Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. As factory spec ordering allows you to fine tune wheel specs to best fit your application, it also has an ETA of 12 weeks. Placing your order sometime during the next three and a half months will assure prompt delivery times. The earlier you order, the better. Once March hits, warehouse stocks flux in and out of inventory, with the rapid ramping up of orders being taken. This can lead to shortages, extending ETA's.

    PCA pushed for this down payment program to help everyone get a jump on the selling season, ahead of the glut of spec orders in the spring. This truly is a new era for PCA customers and I would like to thank all existing PCA customers for making this happen. Your increasing number of orders have made this down payment program possible.

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