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ST Giveaway! Help me win Yokohama's #RidePride contest and WIN a v3 AcessPort!

Discussion in 'Focus ST Chat and Discussion' started by TheDuckies, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. TheDuckies

    TheDuckies New Member

    Hey guys,

    Here's the deal.
    I'm racing SCCA STX in the 2014 season and I need a new set of R-Compound tires to do it on. Lucky for me that Yokohama has a contest, now, to give away a set of tires a week and, if I win the overall contest, ten thousand dollars. That money would go a long way to helping me complete my dream ST, so let's win this thing!

    But wait! What's in it for you? Well, that's simple. If I win the ten grand, I will buy a v3 AccessPort for two of the people who helped me get there and send it to you anywhere in the world, provided I am legally allowed to ship to wherever you are. If you already have an AccessPort then I'll buy you any modification you like, up to the price of the v3.

    How do you enter?
    Simple! Use this link to vote once per day for my ST in the Ride Pride contest and post here, committing to doing so. Share the link on social media, Twitter, Facebook, wherever you can! I'm taking it on faith that you guys are going to remember to vote, or even do it in the first place at all, so please don't abuse my trust. I want to give back to the community, and this is the best way I can think of to win the contest and do that at the same time, so let's all be honest about it and make this a reality. We have a long way to go, the current frontrunner has a thousand votes as of this morning, but we're an ST community - let's show him who owns the coolest car.

    Thanks guys, and if you have any questions, please ask!

  2. SoundoffFocus

    SoundoffFocus New Member

    Done, good luck

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