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Sync problems?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Chat and Discussion' started by saucymuffin, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Anyone have issues with Microsoft Sync or any features it has?

    I've been having heinous problems with bluetooth connections. It randomly wont connect to my phone, sometimes when I play bluetooth music it skips while playing the songs like a cd on a really bad road. My phone is a Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8 and the music I am playing is from Xbox Music (the old Zune music player) since I can get a good deal on music, only issue with that is I can't burn them onto cd's and they only play on microsoft products (Zune players, windows phones etc...)

    The problem really comes up when we try to connect my fiancees Lumia to the system and then try and switch back to mine. Or just randomly upon starting the car it starts screwing up with my phone. The real issues comes when we disconnect and delete the phone from the car the system refuses to find any bluetooth devices when we try to reconnect. I have had to pull the fuse for the Sync system about three times due to this issue. Finally I was able to get my 6 year old zune player to fire back up and that works over USB connection.

    Anyone else with these issues? I have heard of one other guy that had to replace the Sync unit or the bluetooth through Warranty like two or three times...
  2. Exquitas

    Exquitas New Member

    I had a similar problem with my Samsung Galaxy SIII. But I'm pretty sure that the problem was caused because various mods on my Galaxy crashed my phone and my Bluetooth went totally unstable. Try deleting Sync from Known Devices on your phone and try to connect again (&Disable/Enable Bluetooth).

    My problem fixed itself when I got my Galaxy Note 3... (proof that the problem was caused by my old phone and not Sync itself)
  3. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    I have done that on the phone, while my phone connects to other blue tooth devices its the Sync it cant connect to during these times. When I go to add new devices on the car it switches to the screen and instructs you to search for sync on your device but then immediately says no devices added and goes back to the previous screen

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  4. EastAl

    EastAl Member

    My biggest issue with Sync and my iPhone is that fact that hardly anything run from my phone via Sync reliably connects. I use Pandora quite a bit and for some reason just trying to get Pandora to work by connecting to my phone through USB doesn't work the same way each time. It's hard to properly explain but the actual process of connecting to my phone, bringing up Pandora, and getting it to play through the head unit isn't the same each time. I can go through Sync and "Search for Applications" then get Pandora that way, but then I can't change stations or Like/Dislike songs because Pandora on my phone switches to a Ford logo with arrows pointing to/from a Pandora logo.

    I won't connect via bluetooth either because the phone defaults to using the car for calls instead of my bt headset. I hate "speaker" phone and try to avoid it as much as I can.
  5. Gfxjamie

    Gfxjamie Member

    I use I tunes on my iPhone 5 and have never had an issue with the latest sync update giving any issue via USB or blue tooth. I prefer USB tho

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  6. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Must be my phone then

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  7. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Just as an update to this thread.

    I contacted the sync specialist at my local Ford dealer, turns out specialist is fancy speak for forum searcher, and she recommended doing the update (I don't know what the current update is at this point but thats what I updated to). And so far the sync system is working just as it should and is quite snappy now doesn't run as slow as it used to.
  8. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Member

    LOL, nice...

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