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The Ford Racing tune is coming!

Discussion in 'Focus ST EcoBoost™ Tuning' started by [email protected], Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

  2. andrew

    andrew New Member

    any idea on the date your going to have them???
  3. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    ETA on both kits is March 7th.
  4. andrew

    andrew New Member

    i was going to buy the tuner and filter today but i cant find it on the website.
  5. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Current ETA on the kit is 4-18-14 although FRPP sent an e-mail saying they expect them sooner.

    These are not on our website yet, you would have to call in to order.

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  6. maskeet

    maskeet Member

    Are they in yet?
  7. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Nope, not yet.
  8. Bill Eisenman

    Bill Eisenman New Member

    Just remember that the Ford Racing Performance Products Cold Air Intake with the (2993) K& N Filter and any spark plug change (2 steps colder in the M-14204-FST Kit) doesn't affect your vehicle warranty. However, the minute you apply the Ford Racing "TUNE" or recalibration, you will VOID your vehicle's Engine and Power Train Warranty. The key here is the minute you reprogram the ECU which the Ford Racing "TUNE" or ,for that matter, any "TUNE" from any manufacturer (i.e. COBB, FSWERKS, etc.) any damage which may or may not occur is solely your responsibility. You may think that you can insert a "TUNE" and reinsert the stock ECU tune before service and thus get away with it but, believe me you cannot because the onboard computers in the car WILL LOG ANY CHANGE and they can be read. When you have a problem, you have to wait for the Ford Company INVESTIGATOR to review the problem in-person and he will capture and read that data and you will be caught. Additionally, the 50 states legal that FRPP has on their site DOES NOT INCLUDE California.
  9. EastAl

    EastAl Member

    Which is what my dealer basically told me also. I can install all the hard parts myself, then take the ProCal to my dealer and they download the tune and register it to my car... factory warranty applies. HERE is a link just to clarify what Ford actually means by limited.

    Also, keep in mind a manufacturer has to prove any parts added to the vehicle directly affected the failed parts before denying you warranty. Dealers like to tell people up front that anything non factory immediately voids warranty, but this isn't true. It's usually a scape goat to allow the dealer from having to file warranty, and allows them to charge you for the repair. They get paid more for the repair on both the parts and labor side, and they don't have to hassle with Ford about applying for warranty.

    I've had dealers try to deny me warranty because of basic bolt-ons, and I've had dealers do warranty work where the failed parts were attached directly, or close enough to, aftermarket parts.

    50 states legal is 50 states legal, that includes CA. A manufacturer is required by law to state whether or not a part is legal, or illegal in any given state. It's false advertisement if they do not list specific state exemptions and Ford isn't stupid enough to gloss over that fact in what is one of their larger market shares. Just because an inspector in CA tells someone it's not legal, doesn't mean they're right. Major manufacturers like Ford go to great lengths and expense to proper approval for parts like these specifically so they can say they are 50 States Legal, and mean it.
  10. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    First off 50 state legal means exactly that, 50 state legal, the FRPP tune most certainly is legal in California.

    Secondly you are correct about the warranty coverage, it voids the factory coverage and from that point on FRPP takes over, that said FRPP does a LOT of testing and they don't release or back anything that they're not 100% confident in.

    I've been selling FRPP products for about 10 years and they do an incredible job with this stuff.

  11. EastAl

    EastAl Member

    Sorry, guess I should clarify that I still consider FRPP Warranty to be "factory" as I'm taking the vehicle to a Ford dealer to get any warranty work done.
  12. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    It is as close as you can get to a factory warranty on something like this.
  13. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    [email protected] as in Tasca Ford in Cranston and Seekonk? My ST is going into the Seekonk location tomorrow for the rear motor mount banging and wheel hopping. scared the daylight out of me the first time i heard it. They need to check it before ordering parts in the TSB. Other than right I really like the car so far.
  14. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    I am also very interested in the FRPP kit and tune installed by a Ford Dealer although the warranty is very important to me especially since my car is brand new with less than 800 miles on it.
  15. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    Just left Tasca with my Focus and they said that the wheel hoping and banging is normal. It's just the the car is losing traction so rather than spin which I would think it should it hops instead with some spin I'm sure . They said my car should have the better motor mounts already (built 9/13).That the TSB only applies to cars with a built date up to 8/13 and mine is 9/13 so the TSB does not apply. They said to drive it easy with no heavy throttle from stops straight or corner or turn take offs like making a turn at a light or stop signs and no fast shifts or letting the clutch out to abruptly. That's not why I bought the ST so I won't have it long. I am very disappointed but should have know better to buy a front wheel drive car for sometimes hard driving. I have always been a bit of a jack rabbit driver accelerating hard then settling back into a cruising legal speed. I was excited to maybe add a tuner but my plans have changed and it the cars drivetrain can't what is has now then why would I add anymore power. These days there is no excuse for wheel hop period. I understand wheel spin and torque steer and that just adds some fun to the driving a powerful front driver but wheel hop - no way. I will be selling or trading as soon as I can minimize my loss for making this mistake. Please understand they were very nice about explianing it to me it's just that Ford considers the wheel hop or banging condition normal for this car. I can't see how the front end drive line and suspension parts will last very long with so much wheel hop. Anyway I jusy need to let the car sit or drive it like a econo box until I can decide what to do with it.
  16. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Can you please PM me your VIN number? I can verify which mounts are actually in the car that way. I'm not sure they went far enough in their diagnosis.

    Do keep in mind that there are also aftermarket dogbone mounts that do away with that issue and using one won't affect warranty, aftermarket dogbone mounts have been one of the most common mods on the Focus gong al the way back to 2000 when the car was first released in the states.

    I do work for that Tasca although I work for the wholesale center which is about 15 minutes from the main dealership on Pontiac.

  17. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    Thanks I show it is


    They were very nice and cordial in Seekonk but couldn't help me becuse my car didnt fall under the current TSB
  18. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    If it helps you can email me directly as well. I tried to reply to your message I received in my email in box but it just bounced back. [email protected]
  19. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    Have you had time to chech my VIN and see what mounts are in my ST?
  20. Steve@Tasca

    [email protected] Team Focus ST Sponsor

    Just got the chance, they are correct that your car was built outside the dates of the TSB coverage and just so you know I ran your VIN and yours has a completely different part number than the 2013 stock dogbone or the TSB mount.

    Stock 2013 P/N BV6Z*6038*A
    TSB dogbone P/N CM5Z*6038*A yes there were more parts involved but that was the key piece
    2014 ST dogbone P/N DV6Z*6038*B

    It would appear that Ford redesigned the mount for 2014, my suggestion still stands, get an aftermarket dogbone and see it it makes the difference.


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