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The Performance Blue Focus ST picture thread

Discussion in 'Focus ST Photos and Media' started by WRC Fan, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    Have a good shot of a Performance Blue Focus ST? Post it here. Can be yours, or any cool pic you find.
  2. maskeet

    maskeet Member

    Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of my ST this year:



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  3. Faircloth

    Faircloth New Member

    My car color also. Does yours look purple? Mine does
  4. maskeet

    maskeet Member

    Depends on the light it has a little blurple look
  5. Jon96Cobra

    Jon96Cobra New Member

    Here is my ride.

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  6. jclark911

    jclark911 New Member

    Here is a pic of my ST3

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