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What can we do?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Chat and Discussion' started by saucymuffin, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    to get more traffic to this site? I like this layout and so far there are no issues with users (granted with more users come the issues). But how can we pull in the number of people and stack of knowledge that FJ has been known for?
  2. Gfxjamie

    Gfxjamie Member

    Invite every fjer that now has an st since it seems a lot have upgraded now. It's going to take some time too. We will get there. Until then everyone think of some good starters to get information on the forum and build the empire

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  3. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    I think I might end up adding the first write up on here either later today or this week.
  4. XRJoe

    XRJoe Member

    Adding it to our sigs on FJ would probably help too. It will also make it pop up faster in search engines.
  5. EastAl

    EastAl Member

    I've seen about a half dozen STs in Houston, I'll pimp both sites if I run into any of them.
  6. maskeet

    maskeet Member

    Teamfocusst business cards
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  7. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Member

    I linked one write up already on our FSW facebook page. :)
  8. Kent

    Kent New Member

    That. When we see another ST, we would put a card under their wipers.
  9. Kent

    Kent New Member

    We don't want that forum to turn like Focusst.org. Their is too much people on there not even owning an ST and don't contribute to the forum.
  10. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    All you need to be a member here is to be a Focus ST enthusiast. But yeah, our goal is to try and keep nonsense to a minimum. :)

    This community is for the members. So, will take any and all ideas. If they are sound, and we can implement them, we will!

    We're building it from the ground up and owe a big Thank You to all of you that are helping!
  11. maskeet

    maskeet Member

    Thank you for great focus sites
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  12. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    While im sitting here with nothing to do here at work and am thinking about it: Ron, what kind of sponsorship and ties to supporting companies or even Ford do we have and can we get? I see that we have a few sponsors but is there a way we could get a few more or direct support from these or others?

    How many of you have nodded your ST? If you have or are planning to make sure to make a detailed How-To thread, FJ was built on the wealth of knowledge of its community, without that owners are stuck bumbling around on the other site. If you have never written a How-To or read one check out my How-To in the interior mods section and also search FJ for some to see how people usually lay them out and to give you ideas of what to look out for with details.

    Ron, would you be opposed to someone bot directly linked to this site using the name for making stickers? I may be able to find vinyl sticker company that can bulk make teamfocusst.com stickers and I would be willing to pay for them.

    Another idea as far as advantages to joining, when I joined a Euro focus forum a few years ago (before I found fj) they had a small joining fee (we don't want that part). But part of the fee included a membership card which was good for perminant discounts with select venders, you also received in the mail site stickers and the member card, could we possibly get something like that? Issue I see with it is money so it may not be a possibility.

    Lastly, duel sponsorship for the big Focus events that FJ sponors, Focus on the Beach, Focus Rising and I am sure I am missing out on others. It may seem like a dick move but if we block off sponsorship of the other site when people attend these events they see it as FocalJet and TeamFocusST events. All information can be posted to both sites and depending upon growth of the site we may be able to do our own small section of events during the larger grand scheme of things.

    I think providing incentives, like member discounts, a large pool of knowledge from How-Tos and educated members, and just getting the name out there as much as possible we should be able to bring this site up.

    I want to see FJ and TeamFocusST everywhere for FR14 since that's the only event I go to, sucks not having vacation time.

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