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What don't you like about your ST?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Chat and Discussion' started by Exquitas, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. b2j2allen1

    b2j2allen1 New Member

    Both my headlights were replaced before 1000 miles. sound symposer was replaced once then at 1500 miles then again at 3000 the second time they had done some wiring repair in addition to the symposer valve less than 500 miles after that the symposer stopped working. going to ford tomorrow so they can call engineering since there is no code. but I know its not working at all now. this I believe is the third strike and should qualify for lemon law. interior squeaks all over the place. but sadly I love the car, the way it handles and the powerband. and anyone who owns an st should at least drive an svt. so they can appreciate how much better it really is. the svt does make you feel more connected. almost a raw machine feeling. hard to describe.
  2. Blystr842

    Blystr842 New Member

    My '07 Ram had a smaller radius than my ST, even our '12 Charger SRT has a smaller radius than the ST. It's annoying when going out on the strip and all of the other cars can U-turn inside 2 lanes and I'm barely making it in 3!
  3. Noway

    Noway New Member

    My ST1 has a notch that lets you run the cable out of the armrest. Plus 3 for the douche bags.
  4. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    Just left Tasca with my Focus and they said that the wheel hoping and banging is normal. It's just the the car is losing traction so rather than spin which I would think it should it hops instead with some spin I'm sure . They said my car should have the better motor mounts already (built 9/13).That the TSB only applies to cars with a built date up to 8/13 and mine is 9/13 so the TSB does not apply. They said to drive it easy with no heavy throttle from stops straight or corner or turn take offs like making a turn at a light or stop signs and no fast shifts or letting the clutch out to abruptly. That's not why I bought the ST so I won't have it long. I am very disappointed but should have know better to buy a front wheel drive car for sometimes hard driving. I have always been a bit of a jack rabbit driver accelerating hard then settling back into a cruising legal speed. I was excited to maybe add a tuner but my plans have changed and it the cars drivetrain can't what is has now then why would I add anymore power. These days there is no excuse for wheel hop period. I understand wheel spin and torque steer and that just adds some fun to the driving a powerful front driver but wheel hop - no way. I will be selling or trading as soon as I can minimize my loss for making this mistake. Please understand they were very nice about explianing it to me it's just that Ford considers the wheel hop or banging condition normal for this car. I can't see how the front end drive line and suspension parts will last very long with so much wheel hop. Anyway I jusy need to let the car sit or drive it like a econo box until I can decide what to do with it.
  5. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    So you would rather deal with the headache of selling it or giving it back to the dealership rather than buy the mount? Must be nice to have a throw away income like that to buy a car and then get rid of it a few days later because you are to cheap to just buy a replacement part for what you already know is the issue. I say sell it so someone that actually appreciates cars will take it and do THE ONE THING THAT IS SO EASY TO DO AND REPLACE THE TORQUE MOUNT so someone can get sine enjoyment out of it.
  6. b2j2allen1

    b2j2allen1 New Member

    I agree with both of you ford should fix mine was built in August so I got the mount replace fixed free works perfect though if I was going to spend outta pocket money I would go aftermarket with the mount they have replaced my sum poser twice and now it's stuck open they fix they wiring harness causing the cel so there's nothing wrong but the symposer is stuck open and the code will not set off the light so they won't fix it. It will be the 3rd strike so I'm going to second dealership for another opinion you are aloud by ford. Contact ford and complain its takes awhile put they do work with people who aren't completely crazy.!
  7. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    It's not a matter of being cheap or buying what we think is the correct mount especially if the dealer tells me I have the better mount and wheel hop is normal. I have bought at least 30 new cars in my liftime and owned more than 150 cars and trucks so I am and could be a bigger car guy. I have owned all sorts of high performance cars and still own a Mustang GT, BMW 325CI and and Mazda MX-5 Miata (yes not high perfromance but so fun to drive and drive hard). I just expected more from a car solely made to cater to guys like us who love cars and love to drive. It's really the principle of the thing that the drivetrain to be able to effectively handle and to put to the road the factory power and torque it comes with without banging and hopping around the road. It cant be very good for any of the front driveline parts or suspension and something is bound to break or fail. I am just ticked off it does that at all is the bottom line and so I was venting. Overall I do like the car very much but life is to short to be unhappy so it may not last in my garage depending how often I hit the throttle hard even to fell the hop.
  8. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    Sounds to me Mr. Tacoma that you did 0 research and just went out all willy nilly and bought a Focus ST and expected it to be perfect. There are few issues with that, one being that you can't expect everything to be perfect when you buy something new there are things called acceptable losses and manufacturers know that there is a certain number of failures that will occur its a known FACT that some of these products will be straight up duds from box or lot. The main issue here is that you didn't do your research before you went out and bought a first year hot hatch, if you had you would have found that the vast majority of these cars have the crap motor mount and that they really didn't get into throwing the new correct mount on these cars until much later in the production run, like knocking on 2014 model years door time frame. Also I feel that with this knowledge you either would not have bought this car; talked to the dealer about getting the TSB looked into and documented as to what mount you have (Because I hate to tell you but with your years of car buying experience, which seem to be quite a bit shit on the side of useable experience, a dealer doesn't just throw their new cars on a lift and pull out trouble parts to see if they have the new improved part, thats time and money they are paying their employees to look at something on a car they haven't sold yet), or been prepared to buy a 2014, or even have been prepared to buy a new torque mount for the car.

    To be 100% honest my 2013 Focus ST is the first brand new car I ever purchased, but I have owned four cars before hand, three of which are Ford Focus's and I have been in the Focus "scene" since about 2006. I know quite alot about the history of these cars since I have owned every generation except the 08+ Mk2s that we were given here in the states. With that being said and since I have the experience of owning an SVT Focus and all of the little quirks and bugs associated with those cars I knew that there was a degree of research required before purchasing a performance model car again (and honestly if you don't do your homework before you purchase a performance model car you deserve all the troubles and issues you get from said car, look at the R32 issues). I knew that they had issues with the lower torque mount on the first production year of these cars and I had prepared myself to either have the TSB done or just wait and get a motor mount and put it in myself because its just so damn easy to do. I also looked into issues with the Sync system and other areas that I was unsure about, I talked to owners that have owned their car for longer than a month and I drove one with an FSWerks motor mount and mild tune and a stock ST BEFORE I even stepped foot onto any dealership to look at a car. I felt what the issue was on the mount and how the car handled and it was very pig like with the crappy mount in it.

    So armed with that information and that experience of having driven the car twice before and also having the experience of racing my built SVT Focus I knew what to feel for and listen for. I test drove one on the lot and decided I would buy one and just deal with the mount myself instead of hoping that the dealership wouldn't be an asshole and say they wouldn't perform the TSB, because here is a shocker, Dealers don't have to perform the TSB work they can tell you whatever they want.

    My recommendation is this, next time you drive it turn off your traction control and all that jazz and slam through your gears, if you hear an extremely loud BANG sound you have the old mount no argument about that. If you don't hear a loud BANG and are still upset with the car and don't really want to go through the hassle of selling it right away buy an FSWerks motor mount for about 120 bucks throw it on and see if that makes you happy. If not then sell the car and sell the mount seperate.

    But to be frank my real issue with you bitching about your car isn't anything above^^ its that you expected a stock first year performance car to be amazing, found out it wasn't and then complained that it was the drive lines fault and then proceeded to express your concern about how the drive line would handle more power. To me it sounds like you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Had you known what you were talking about you would know that you can't just slam a bunch of power out of a car without upgrading the things that hold power plant in place and the bits that make your car comfy to ride... that's right I'm talking about the motor and trans-axle mounts and suspension!

    So again to recap try my recommendations in any order and if all that fails and you find your stuck with that car, just remember for the next purchase you make, alittle research will go a LONG way.
  9. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    I still can't get over the fact that you thought your dealer actually looked at your cars motor mount before you bought it....lol
  10. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    I think you are wrong or misunderstood what I meant. I do expect manufacturers to properly and completly test thier products before release and Ford did not on this item at least as it is clearly to weak and I never saw any issues raised in the numerous magazine articles I read although maybe they are not paid to write the bad reviews. My car is a 2014 not a 2013 and I did not expect the dealer to check anything prior to me purchasing it and except for my complaint of a banging noise when shifting under heavy load or thottle which was about a week or so after I owed it I had no idea there was or could be an issue with the mount. Why would I think a new car would come with issues? I did drive a co-workers car several times before going to a dealer to purchase one myself but I did not ever push his hard enough to notice any issues so I had no idea the mount or wheel hop was so prevalent. I only researched it after I had the banging condition so then printed the TSB and made the appointment at my local dealer. They said "without" looking at the mount using Fords data base, VIN and build date that my car should have the stronger mounts - maybe it does I dont know. Anyway I had no intention of upsetting anyone and with all the vehicles I have purchase for myself, the company I work for or a small used car dealer I have not had to be to concerned with deep investigation except for some used specialty cars. Anyway sorry agian for getting everyone worked up. I will just take it easy driving it for now and decide what I will do with it. Maybe wait until the new GTI comes out as I have had a couple of VW's in the past and still have a Jetta and it has been a decent car.
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  11. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    Just reviewing my reply and have to admit I was a little ticked in my reply to the response I had received. So just to put it more clearly I am unhappy with the wheel hop and feel regardless it shouldn't do it - not these days - maybe in the early front drive cars of a decade ago but not today. However with that said there is a lot more I like about my ST3 than dislike and I have so far had none of the other problems or issues listed in this thread above.
  12. b2j2allen1

    b2j2allen1 New Member

    gotta say you couldve been a little nicer. yes your are correct about everyhting you posted saucymuffin. however tacoma has the right to be upset by customer service. he needs to go to another dealer play stupid about tsb. and owning any other cars. tell them the dealership that sold it to you sucks and they will gladly talk to you about it. tell them it bangs really hard blah blah if they say its normal move on to another. or pull out wallet or tools whatever your weapon and fix the mount. my compliant is that i found a oasis update online that clearly says the issues with the sound symposer will not throw a code. i have had it replaced twice. and the its third symposer (2nd replacement) is broke. and they wont repair it. i had headlight issues day one. took 3 months to get fixed and they damaged the car... dealerships are not owned or operated by ford but corporate has some control in facilitating repairs. you really have to find a good advisor and make a good relationship to get what you want out of the dealer. please keep faith in your focus. deep inside i only want a lemon law so i can buy an rs!
  13. Tacoma96

    Tacoma96 New Member

    Thanks, I'm sure I will end up taking saucymuffin's advice and add the aftermarket mount and if that doesn't vastly improve the banging and hopping then caulk it up as a learning experience and move on. As I said before I've always been a jack rabbit type driver not a high speed one so I'm on the throttle hard winding the car up but backing off by the time I'm ready to shift into 4th gear so maybe a traditional rear driver would have been a wiser choice.
  14. Zokambaa

    Zokambaa New Member

    4 main things.. and maybe another couple minor things
    1. the bloody courtesy smear that cannot be turned off... if I want an extra wipe of the windshield, I'll bump down on the "mist" function... without being able to turn this off in the computer it makes for a dangerous or excessive washer fluid use during winter season (probably will be ok in the summer after all the road grime is washed away) so a disable feature would be best... or get rid of it all together... a drip is not bad... but a blinding smear 5 seconds after the screen is perfectly cleaned is bloody dangerous when you can no longer tell what the person in front of you is doing at 80-100 kph

    2. Seats have a lean back and forth and a up and down, but they also need a front tilt up and down to make for better seat positioning
    I'd also suggest they also need adjustable bolsters that can crank in and out to fit human legs and asses... but this wouldn't be as bad if I could tilt the front of the seat down or up as needed.

    3. Rear back up cam and front and rear sensors... these are on the European ST and the lower level regular focus... why the hell not on the ST???

    4. Decent, real moulded mud guards... why is it the sporty models of cars always omit this???

    5. All wheel drive... this Focus ST would be killer with an option to add AWD

    6. brake dust on front rims is excessive... even compared to other cars I had and that was when I was breaking in the car and still avoiding hard driving... this thing is crazy with the dust.

    7. Proper robust engine mounts for a sporty car.

    8. Real Limited slip diff

    9.Rear LED driving lights like in Europe

    10. less clumsy e-brake... the ST3 is clumsy and the lower models have more natural feeling... on my ST3 I have to fight with my knee to find it... it's fine when parked but if you want to quickly grab it, it isn't really in a good spot.

    11. perhaps a bit bigger gas tank... but this is not really a big issue for me since I am always in range of another station.

  15. Blystr842

    Blystr842 New Member

    Do we have a list of service bulletins posted somewhere?
  16. bwagoneruwm

    bwagoneruwm New Member

    As a soon to be owner of a 15 Focus ST, all of the complaints I am reading really seem like a non issue for me. Makes me a bit more excited about my purchase. This will be my first ford product, my previous rides have been Honda, Subaru, Mazda and an Acura. Made a deal with the fiancé, that if I get rid of my RX8 I can trade the Subaru in on a Focus ST. Moving to Vegas next month and didn't need the AWD any longer, and as great as the RX8 is, the gas mileage (or lack thereof) for an everyday driver would drive me nuts. So going from two cars to one, and this little ST seems to be the perfect vehicle. My one complaint is that the only white focus I could find is one with the silly stripes on it, we will see if they grow on me, but I can see myself removing those bad boys soon...
  17. Freebird23104

    Freebird23104 New Member

    Brake Dust. Looking forward to upgrading pads to something with less dust.

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