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What tuners are you guys using ?

Discussion in 'Focus ST EcoBoost™ Tuning' started by rolldog, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. rolldog

    rolldog New Member

    I have Cobb v2 with fswerks tune.
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  2. jakebrewer

    jakebrewer Member

    FSWerks Tune using Cobb v2
  3. XRJoe

    XRJoe Member

    FSWerks on the Cobb AP v2
  4. Gfxjamie

    Gfxjamie Member

    Fswerks Cobb v2 93 octane tuning

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  5. lolibater

    lolibater Member

    FSW 91oct Cobb V3
  6. xTerrible1x

    xTerrible1x New Member

    Cobb AP v2 w/FSWerks tune
  7. Kent

    Kent New Member

    Cobb AP3 by FSWerks in the mail. Can't wait.
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  8. lolibater

    lolibater Member

    You're gunna love it.
  9. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    you'd think Cobb was the only company lol
  10. now534

    now534 New Member

    SCT with Torries Tunes!

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  11. Kent

    Kent New Member

    FSWerks/Cobb AP3 will be home tomorrow....Can't wait.
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  12. lolibater

    lolibater Member

    You're going to love it.
  13. matchbox

    matchbox New Member

    SCT from FSWerks.
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  14. jakebrewer

    jakebrewer Member

    Had SCT till Randy had me switch. I will say the user interface is much friendlier.
  15. Macky21

    Macky21 New Member

    FSWerks 93oct on a Cobb V2
  16. jinstall

    jinstall New Member

    Cobb AP V2 mainly the ECO or Valet or Anti-Theft. Sometimes the FS Werks tune.
  17. Exquitas

    Exquitas New Member

    FSWerks Cobb AP V3, ordered today :)
  18. Kent

    Kent New Member

    FSWerks Stage 1 since september. Could not be happier.

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