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What's your 'Out the Door' price?

Discussion in 'Focus ST Sales and Service' started by WRC Fan, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    For those that don't have a problem sharing what they paid for their car, here's your thread.

    It's also a good place to brag about the great deal you got. ;)
  2. Faircloth

    Faircloth New Member

    $23,899 plus negative equity on trade (2012 Mustang GT conv), plus tax and fees. My ST was on dealer lot for many months(06-12 build date) so, it was lowest priced of 2 ST's. Worked for me though. Great loan w/ NFCU (Navy Federal Credit Union) over the phone as I was kicking the tires. PD 09-01-13
  3. saucymuffin

    saucymuffin Member

    25,000+ For the car I can't remember the exact price, 27,000 after all was said and done. I had 2k knocked off for being a model year older and was given 2,000 for my 01 ZX3 and 500 for being a recent graduate. Payments are 431.95 because I opted for the 7 year 125,000 mile warranty for 20 extra a month. Not to bad for a totally unplanned car purchase, would have been lower had I gone in with money to put down and not just the trade in.
  4. EastAl

    EastAl Member

    Look at the bottom of your contract next to Unpaid Balance, this is Out The Door to me.

    Sticker was $25,405. They knocked $1,500 of the top ($1000 because they didn't want to give me $14,000 for my WRX*, $500 because someone messed up and told me there was a rebate on the Focus... it just didn't apply to the ST). After Tax, Title, License, the 72mth/100k Extended Warranty, 36mth/36k Club Plus package, Gap Insurance (Because StateFarm doesn't offer it), and ZakTek, the total came out to $30,567.26 which is what I would consider the Out The Door Price. It's the little stuff that kicks you in the teeth. But I technically financed the entire deal with zero down and still got 4.54% through BofA so my note is a little high, $486.71/mth.

    Had I been less pressed for time, in a better mood, and better prepared to fend off the finance department I would have picked through what they sold me. Actually the only thing I would have probably dropped off was the ZakTek protection plan, everything else I definitely wanted. If I go in and they mess anything up I'm gonna raise holy hell and make them strip it and do it again.

    I honestly didn't intend to buy an a Focus. When I made the decision to trade in the WRX I was less than 3 days away from signing paperwork. I had asked the dealer to find me a Fiesta ST, specifically one in Race Red. But out of the three in Texas one was a week late in getting to the dealer and the other two were not going to be released by their respective dealers because they had literally just gotten them. The Focus ST was literally a last minute decision after we got there Saturday morning and the guy admitted he couldn't get his hands on any Fiesta ST let alone a red one. It was right about the time I was seeing red and visualizing going Wayne Brady on the guy that I remembered I had seen the OW ST with black stripes on his lot a couple of weeks before. The more I drive the ST the more I am falling back in love with a Focus again. :)

    I'm still impressed as all hell that I actually financed a car with zero down and got a good rate. I made an offhanded comment that I could be at the Benz dealer looking at a new CLA but I had already agreed to work with both the new and used department because I was buying two cars that day. The sales guy just smirked at me because of the way I was dressed like I couldn't afford a Benzo. He actually started treating me different after finance got started, then he joked about having a Raptor in red. Thank you good credit, pay your note on time, kids! lol

    *I had an '09 WRX Premium Wagon that I owed $83xx, they gave me $13,000 "cash" for it plus another $1000 off the top of the ST. Once again, had I been more on the ball I would have fought for a little more for the WRX. Also had I had more time and not been at the dealer literally 12 hours after flying back into the state from being away for work for the past two weeks I would have taken the handful of aftermarket parts of the WRX. But I didn't have the luxury of time.
  5. Blystr842

    Blystr842 New Member

    Sticker on the '13 ST3 was $29,900 I believe... out the door being upside down on my trade - $24,700. No extended warranties. $1000 existing rebate, $1000 Black Friday rebate, $400 inconvenience deduction, upside down $800 on my trade.
  6. Michael N

    Michael N New Member

    Ordered car from dealership.car made in March deliver in August.$25,879.refinanced after 6months.same price plus a 6yr 100,000
    Full warranty.it's a 2015.

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